VERIA - ribbed panels

Wood species: HDF raw, Beech (steamed), Euro Oak, Am. Maple, Am. Cherry, Smoked Oak, Am. Walnut.
Other wood species on request.


Size (length x width):

2.500 mm x 600 mm
2.500 mm x 1.200 mm


Size (only bamboo):

2.400 mm x 600 mm
2.400 mm x 1.200 mm



3,0 mm (flex version)
10,0 mm (MDF core panel)
19,0 mm (MDF core panel) 

Other thickness on request.


Real wood surface in ribbed optics on MDF core panel, back side with same wood type veneer, surfaces raw, sanded ready for finishing.


Ribbed- and lamella panels with FINELINE veneer. (Reconstructed and industrially manufactured sliced veneers).



profile view VERIA

Querschnitt VERIA

 Ribbing direction is lengthwise (2400/2500 mm)

VERIA ribbed panel, slant view