MILANO-Vero | bonded leather surfaces



black, pore grain surface

Size (length x  width):

2.500 mm x 1.200 mm



10,0 mm
17,5 mm


Detail: Bonded leather surfaces one-sided on MDF core panel, back-side white foil. More colors and other rear panel surfaces upon request.

MILANO Vero - feel and smell of real leather

MILANO VERO - bonded leather sufaces with pore grain. Not only the feel and the smell, as well the constituents of this bonded leather surface are made of genuine leather .


With these features, it is excellently suited for the Office area as a desktop surface or for furniture fronts.

MILANO Vero - Ansicht


MILANO Vero - Ansicht


• high abrasion resistance
• good resistancy against cleaning agents
• good scratch- and light resistance
• excellent results while sawing,
   drilling,  milling and edging
• natural components
good light resistance


HTS Broschüre 2014

MILANO Vero product informations 
you'll find also now in the HTS Brochure 2014